Experience Live Head-To-Head Dogfighting Action Flying Missions In F-18 Hornet flight simulators!

For over 10 years Air Combat Zone has provided the general public an exclusive opportunity to get behind the controls of high performance F/A-18 flight simulators and experience live head-to-head modern air combat. If you've ever wondered what it might be like to be a real fighter pilot, now you can to find out. According to the real world fighter pilots that fly with us the experience we provide is as close as you can get to the real thing without joining the Air Force!

Don't be mistaken: this isn't a video game.

When you climb aboard an Air Combat Zone simulator, and settle into the ejection seat, you'll be amazed at the realism of your F-18 Hornet simulators cockpit. The live instrumentation, working Heads Up Display, replica HOTAS throttle and stick and giant view of the world outside your cockpit combine to convince you you're flying a Hornet for real!

Take it to the edge and come back a hero!

When a book a mission to fly with us get set to pilot one of the worlds premier high performance jet fighters on a high action combat mission. Once you're in the cockpit, it's time to take off and get your adventure underway. Air Combat Zone offers four networked simulators so you can go it alone, fly as a team or take the ultimate challenge and experience head-to-head air combat.

Don't know how to fly? No problem.

Your Air Combat Zone experience includes a pre-flight mission briefing to give you the instruction you need to survive in the cyber skies. You'll also get all the mission support you need from our staff in the control tower. Regardless of the mission you choose, Air Combat Zone delivers high-octane jet fighter excitement!

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We offer All The Missions You Need To Work Up To Flying Complete Strike Fighter Missions!

Air Combat Zone offers several different mission profiles designed to ensure you have a fighter jet flight simulator experience that provides un-paralleled excitement and realism. Below are descriptions of the mission types we offer:

Air Combat Basics- Dogfighting

This will be your first mission and you'll be heading right into the thick of the fight. You'll start with the basics of how to fly a high performance jet. Add to that some radar operation, weapons and counter measure skills and in no time you'll be engaged in live head-to-head air combat with up to 3 other pilots!

Air To Ground Attack

You may think it's not as glamorous as dogfighting, but once you've penetrated enemy airspace, evaded their anti-aircraft defence, found your target, wiped it off the face of the map, then fought your way out again to a safe landing at home, you may have a new opinion.

Fighter Pilot Essentials

Every mission starts with a takeoff and hopefully ends with a safe landing. This mission covers the essentials of taxiing, take-offs and landings in the Hornet. If you're having success with landing at your base you'll move up the ultimate challenge, landings on an aircraft carrier.

Intense Strike Fighter Missions

Air to Air skills… check. Air to Ground skills… check. Pilot Essentials… check. Once you've completed all three essential training missions you are cleared to fly complete strike fighter missions! Taxi to the runway, take off, and navigate to your target. Watch out for enemy fighters and ground defenses as you execute your missions objective. Then it's time to fight your way out of hostile territory and back to your base or the carrier for landing and complete mission success! When you successfully complete your first strike fighter mission at Air Combat Zone you'll be convinced you're ready for the real thing!

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How realistic are our simulators?

"Super Dave" Pletz, the 2004 CF-18 Hornet demo team pilot and many other "been there, done that" front line fighter pilots that have flown with us all describe our simulators the same way, "AWESOME". "I've flown the new CF-18 simulator in Cold Lake - yours is very good in comparison","Pitch" Molner, ex-CF-18 pilot. Fact is, our 4 CF-18 Hornet fighter jet combat flight simulators are the closest thing to actually flying a Hornet available to the public. Add our ability to network the simulators for live action head-to-head dogfights against each and you're in for some high octane fun when you book a mission with us.

The following list outlines just some of our simulator's major features:

HOTAS Equipped Joystick And Throttle

Replica combat jet joystick and throttle with functional HOTAS (Hands On Throttle & Stick) controls give finger tip control of the plane and its major systems.

Working HUD (Heads up Display)

Providing key tactical and flight data without having to look down inside the cockpit, the Hornet's HUD keeps a pilot's head out of the cockpit and finding targets. Our simulators have functional HUDs for the most realistic combat experience.

Live Cockpit Instrumentation

3 MFD's (Multi Function Displays), including working menu selection buttons, as well as engine and auxiliary flight instruments provide all the weapons, radar , flight and navigation information you'll need to complete your mission.

Giant View Of The World Around You

The 8' x 6' WOTC (World Outside The Cockpit) screen gives an IMAX-like sensation of motion.

Functional Cockpit Buttons And Switches

You're in control of weapon selection, radar mode and sub-mode selection for both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat, countermeasures, landing gear, flaps, tail hook, auto pilot mode selection and engagement, navigation controls, and much, much, much more. Over 70 functional buttons and switches in all.

A cockpit full of functional controls appears overwhelming, but don't worry. You won't need them all on your first mission. We'll show you how to use the joystick and throttle to fly the plane and 5 buttons and switches and then you'll be off on your first air combat mission in the Hornet. Experienced pilots and flight sim enthusiasts can go far beyond the basics by just asking for more. This makes our missions suitable for people with all levels of ability.

If it all seems overwhelming keep in mind that no one is expected to go out and defend the nation at the end of a mission! It's all about the fun and thrills of a fighter pilot experience like nothing you've ever seen before. An experience that has impressed everyone from actual F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, F-16 Viper and many CF-18 Hornet pilots all the way to those who've never even seen a jet. So don't wait, book your mission now.


Take your museum expereince sky high by flying a mission in F-18 fighter jet flight simulators.

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When you book simulator missions in advance, museum admission is FREE!

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The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's Air Combat Zone Jet Fighter Entertainment Centre simulators are located inside the museum. Visit our "About Us" page for intel about our location, contact intel, hours and other FAQ's.

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