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Mission Durations and Costs

Air Combat Zone offers 3 mission durations. All missions start with 20 minutes of training to ensure you're ready for your simulator mission. Once the training is complete "pilots" head to the flight line for a 20, 40 or 60 minute flight in one of our F-18 Hornet flight simulators. We highly recommend a 60 minute mission for our first time pilots to ensure there's enough time to practice everything that was taught before going into head to head combat with the other pilots on the mission. The table below outlines the mission duration and their pricing:

Mission Durations and Pricing
Mission Duration
Flight Time
40 Minute Mission
20 min.
20 min.
* 60 Minute Mission
20 min.
40 min.
80 Minute Mission
20 min.
60 min.
* We highly recommend the 60 Minute Mission for your first mission with us.

Mission Types

We offer four mission types: Air Combat Basics, Air-To-Ground Attack, Pilot Essentials and Strike Fighter Missions. The first three mission work you up to flying full strike missions in our simulators and the fourth type is flying complete strike missions. Air Combat Basics is everyone's first mission and covers the basics of flying the plane and engaging in air-to-air combat. With Air Combat Basics under your belt you can expand your knowledge and skills with the Air-To-Ground Attack mission and Pilot Essentials mission which cover taxiing, takeoffs and landing. Once you've flown all three missions types you have all the skills you need to fly a complete Strike Fighter Mission. Take off, navigate to your target, fight off airborne and ground based threats as you find and destroy your target before fighting your way back to a successful landing at your base or on aircraft carrier. More details about the missions we offer are available on our Combat Missions page.

Number Of Pilots

Air Combat Zone has four F-18 Hornet fighter jet combat flight simulators so the OMBS enables you to book missions for 1 to 4 people. For larger group or corporate events, please visit the birthday, stag, corporate event or school group page for information on how to arrange and book these events.


Take your museum expereince sky high by flying a mission in F-18 fighter jet flight simulators.

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When you book simulator missions in advance, museum admission is FREE!

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The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's Air Combat Zone Jet Fighter Entertainment Centre simulators are located inside the museum. Visit our "About Us" page for intel about our location, contact intel, hours and other FAQ's.

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